Diversity in Motion

Grisha Alasadi

Grisha_clOriginally born and raised in Germany, Grisha Alasadi studied photography and worked as a freelance editor, director and creative producer for all major television networks in Germany. He has produced over 200 film and TV trailers, including blockbusters like Schindlers List, Jurassic Park, Ghost Busters and Batman, just to name a few.

Grisha moved to the United States after being accepted into the Conservatory of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts at Florida State University.

It was there that his background in Germany began to influence his creative work, creating a unique blend of European and American style. After graduating with honors from F.S.U., Grisha moved with his family to Los Angeles, to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Since then Grisha has shot and edited more than ten features and shorts, many commercials and music videos. In addition, he has directed music videos, short films and documentaries.

Grisha shot his first feature film Devils Highway in 2003 to critical acclaim. At the 2005 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, Grisha’s work as a Cinematographer garnered the film a prize for “Best Cinematography.” He edited his first independent American feature, You Are Free in 2006, which earned him yet another award for “Best editing.”

Recently, Grisha’s work on the environmental documentary Harmony, starring HRH The Prince of Whales, directed by Academy Award Winner Stuart Sender, helped earn the film, the Cinema of Peace Award at the Berlin Film festival, as well as a 2011 Grammy nomination.

Aside his fundamental and up-to-date knowledge of the technical world of film-making, Grisha has developed a strong interest in producing. Ever since he has worked as supervising producer and helped many Indie and Studio productions to finish and deliver projects under the toughest and most cost effective schedules. His vast experience in production and post-production has helped already dozens of production companies to save costs without sacrificing quality.

His ambitions don’t stop here. With twenty years experience in the production and post-production field, Grisha feels ready and is currently developing a few genre screenplays and is working on his directorial debut of his first feature film.