Before Kinsey…before Masters met Johnson… meet The Sexologists.

Oscar Wilde: “Everything in the world is about sex except sexSex is about power.” Sex defines us, yet it is still one of life’s greatest mysteries. Sex can be beautiful, sinful, normal, abnormal, even criminal depending on the circumstances. Today, we are still in its thrall and still as mystified as ever.

This is the untold story about unlocking all the secrets of sex in all its forms and the struggles with one’s sexual identity.


The series introduces us to the scientists and surgeons, the pioneers of sexual science who worked in the Institut of Sexology in Berlin, a prominent institution for sexual science lead by its founder Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. The motivation for the founding of the institute was not just science, but a  dream of change. Changing the laws in Germany was just the first step leading to sexual freedom and living one’s true identity. The first sexual revolution was initiated by these pioneers. The Institute plays a significant, life-altering role during the first sexual revolution and pays the price for being light years ahead of its time.

A Multi-Season Television Series – inspired by true stories.

  • Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld was named “The Einstein of Sex” in his time and founded the institute in 1919.
  • Alongside Dr. Hirschfeld, the series sheds light on some of the important colleagues working in the institute including Max Hodann, Bernhard Shapiro, and Ludwig Levy Lenz.
  • Their insights into human sexual behavior are both astonishing and relevant to this day.
  • The team participated in more than 10,000 surgeries, including one of the very first gender reassignments on the famous “The Danish Girl”, Lili Elbe
  • The team’s expert testimonies saved many lives in sex crimes trials
  • The Institute’s groundbreaking research was burned to ashes by the Nazi government.

All seemed lost, until now…


Writer / Producer  :    Jeanette B. Milio

Co-Producer:             Jim Milio

Production / location:  2019, Germany / Belgium / Spain