N3XTCON, is a yearly entertainment conference in Los Angeles. Quote from its website “N3xtCon is a haven for creative authenticity. We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is an immutable individual trait that cannot be smothered. n3xt con’s mission is to establish an environment in which such spirit not only flourishes but inspires more people to make a long-lasting impact in their lives and beyond.”

Our team member Jeanette B. Milio and colleague Stephen P. Jarchow were invited to speak on N3xtCon’s Entertainment Finance panel. Questions such as how film and television projects can be financed today, what options filmmakers have to fund and distribute their projects, and what distribution strategies can make sense today, found answers and inspired discussions.

To quote the organizers: “As globalization becomes the foundation of our future, it is important for tomorrow ’s leaders to establish an apolitical vision today”

The conference takes place yearly around June at the historic Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles and is sponsored by GOOGLE.

N3XT CON Conference Speakers