UCLA is one of the nations leading Universities, and it is therefore not a surprise that it offers one of the most renowned Entertainment Studies programmes through UCLA x. The programmes’ Entertainment Management degree is known to be one of the top degrees in the Hollywood industry.  Even though UCLA’s renowned Entertainment Finance programm is part of this degree, it can also be taken as a separate class via a three-month course, either online, or as a “hybrid” course (online and/or live), or as a live class.

Investors, lawyers, producers,  filmmakers, and other professionals often choose this option and take the 3-month class either online or live to learn all about the important financial aspects of each step of the motion picture and television program value chain (from development through profit participation).

Alliance Cinema’s Executive Producer Jeanette B. Milio teaches the Entertainment  Finance class. “Sharing my experience in this industry through teaching, guest speaking, workshops and hands-on-training / consulting is a passion, which I enjoy for many years now. I feel honored to be a part of the UCLA team, says Jeanette.

Entertainment Financing: From First $ To Profit Distribution“. Watch a Sneak Preview of the course supporters  HERE

About “Entertainment Financing: From First $ to Distribution Profits” (quote from UCLA’s website):

This course covers the financial aspects of each step of the motion picture value chain (from development through profit participation) and considers the implications of financial choices. Designed to give you a general understanding of how financial deals are structured, topics include how film financing is secured; connecting the production budget to the financing; when a completion guarantor is required; and the various types of domestic and international distribution arrangements. You also learn about third-party profit participation agreements and the practical aspects and procedures that underlie them; terms and definitions that impact bottom line considerations, including contingent compensation; distribution fees and expenses; the producer’s share of profit; distinctions between production, distribution, and marketing costs; and how these costs may significantly impact recoupment and profits.”

Interested participants can enroll for the upcoming September course HERE. Choose the HYBRID option – Reg # 363788

This UCLA course is a HYBRID course, which means it is accessible from anywhere in the world. It is offered online, as well as live in a classroom. The new  HYBRID version of teaching allows emerging professionals to participate from the comfort of their homes, office, or wherever they are. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer to access the online modules, meetings and ask questions. Course participants also have the option of participating in class and have personal one-on-one meetings.

Not only emerging produces and filmmakers, but also and especially investors would likely find the course helpful, as its focused on mitigating risks while optimizing returns with film and television projects.