From the creator writer, producer, and director of the multi Emmy-award -nominated, #1 dog series in the world “Dog Whisperer”  comes the new dog series “Dog Masters“. The “Dog Masters” is hosted by Laura Nativo (Hallmark Channel), the leading dot behaviorist in the U.S., and Latin America’s leading animal behaviorist and veterinarian Alexandre Rossi. The show is designed to be watched y the entire family, and not just dog owners, but anyone. “Dog Masters is a new, innovative dog series that features dogs not “just” as pets but acknowledges that dogs have become our treasured family members and play an important role in today’s family dynamic. We want to take them with us wherever we go and join us in whatever we do. Easier said than done. With the reality of life comes training issues and behavior challenges that require professional help. Jeanette B. Milio and Jim Milio decided to create a new series, that deals with daily issues confronting dogs and their owners, some of which are life-threatening. We also show dog lovers innovative and efficient training tips and how to include their four-legged family members into their everyday active lives with safety and ease. The first two seasons have been produced and the next two seasons are scheduled to be shot in the fall of 2020. At present, U.S. and international distribution deals are being negotiated, and soon you can watch the show on all your devices. Stay tuned.