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Entertainment Financing




Film & Television Project Submission Guidelines
Alliance Cinema provides financing for high concept film and television series productions, which meet certain creative and commercial and criteria.
Such criteria include a fully developed script or series bible, and meaningful talent attachments (cast, director, and/or showrunner).
A project submission packages would include:
Script / Bible
Option / rights agreement
Script / Bible
Verifications for talent attachments
Top sheet budget
Premilinary finance plan and verification for any financing elements attached thus far

Submissions are emailed to info@alliancecinema.com. Incomplete submission packages will not be considered. 


Investor Opportunities

Alliance Cinema offers investors and financial institutions the opportunity to participate in commercially viable motion picture and television projects.
Our selection criteria are strict and designed to reduce risk and optimize profits.  Such criteria include:
– Film/television project  distribution is secured before funding is released
– A minimum of 40% of the production is secured  through  non-recoupable grants
– A minimum of 25% of the production budget is secured through license guarantees
– Production cost is insured against overages
– Debt/equity Investment in any given project does not exceed 40% and is recouped in the first position
– Delivery of the film/television project is ensured and  guaranteed
– The entire production budget, including any investment, is fully bonded and insured


For inquiries about investment opportunities email us at info@alliancecinema.com

BRANDTAINMENT – Be The Entertainment

Alliance Cinema works closely with brands to integrate their product and message organically into the film/television series stories. Our specialized brand integration opportunities are unique, because:
-> We fully own & control our shows, our content, our time slot and the advertising space on the network stations, because we own and control the entire air block.
-> Our audience never feels that they are sold anything. In fact, they are grateful for the tips and guidance our show offers.
-> Organic brand integrations into the storyline are proven to be more effective in driving recall, affinity and purchase intent than traditional TV advertising.
-> Our shows have a  positive message and contain stories that are engaging and entertaining.
This freedom allows us to tell stories as we see fit and include brands in the most supportive and organic way possible.

Brands and Content providers working hand in hand


A new television series from the producer of the world’s number one dog show The Dog Whisperer 

A proven show concept that sold around the globe offers the opportunity for brands to be a part of the show.
The motto in working with brands is Story flow integration! 
Your Products are integrated into each of the training stories supporting the story by using tools, foods, toys, and other items that fit into the training story of that week’s show.
Additionally, the show offers segments:
-> “Paws for Health” — weekly 2-4 minute feature including the latest trends and products in health and wellness.
-> “Hero Dogs” — weekly 2-4 minute profile of dogs who are changing lives, including those working with veterans, autistic children, the elderly, etc.
-> “New Product Corner” — weekly 2-4 minute segment showcasing latest products such as toys, feeders, travel items, grooming items, training tools, and high tech gadgets supporting the human/dog bond.
-> “Training Tips” — weekly 2-4 minute segment featuring new tips and trends from the hosts to optimize training outcomes at home, on a walk, and on vacation.
-> “Adoption Tale”– weekly 2-minute segment on adopting the right dog

Multifaceted & brand specialized opportunities -> Be on our various platforms including Animal Planet Social Media and The Dodo.
Your Brand & DOG MASTERS create an on-air, social, digital and custom content platform which showcases Your Brand portfolio organically.
Tremendous Market Opportunity
Digital Destination
Community and Content Social Media Megaphone
Growing Millennial Audience & Dog Owners
Your Brand products are integrated prominently into episodes of DOG MASTERS Season 1
Your Brand as a “co-star” throughout the series
Your Brand has organic and meaningful exposure in each episode and on all digital and social platforms.
Established Reality TV Experience
Social Media Stats –Our Online Community connects dog-loving community resources for dog owners from trainers to grooming to dog parks. Valuable and entertaining content leverage with:

Million Subscribers

Million Followers

Million Followers